U.S. red meat, poultry supplies down on year


U.S. red meat, poultry supplies down on year

January was a strong month for pork demand.

The USDA says the amount of pork in cold storage at the end of the month was 459.947 million pounds, 26% less than a year ago and the second month in a row with a big year to year decline in supply. Except for boneless loins, all the listed cuts were down on the year, including an all-time monthly low for bone-in hams.

Beef was up 6% on the year at 519.186 million pounds, but that was down 3% on the month, led by a decline in boneless beef.

The total for red meat in cold storage was 1.013 billion pounds, 12% below last year.

The amount of poultry in cold storage was 1.127 billion pounds, a decline of 11% on the year, with a 15% drop in chicken to 817.918 million thanks to good demand and lower production cancelling out a 2% rise for turkey to 306.212 million pounds.

The USDA’s cold storage totals for 2020 are out Friday afternoon.

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